PlacePro FAQ

What is the access code for PlacePro?

The student access code for PlacePro is uofaeng.

Why do I get an "Invalid access code" error when I try to login?

Please ensure that you are logging in at the Canadian site, Our access code will not work at the American PlacePro site.

I can't remember my login/password. How can I get this information?

User can retrieve their login information from the student login page. Click on the Forgot Password? link and enter your email address along with the access code uofaeng. If you are unable to retrieve your login information using this link, email us at for further assistance.

I followed the instructions on your website but I can't access Place Pro. How can I access the system?

The instructions on our website are for first-time users only. Most students complete the first time user login procedure as part of an assignment for ENGG 100 and then forget their login information! If you think this might be the case for you, try to retrieve your login information using the Forgot Password? link available on the student login page. If this solution does not work for you, contact us at for assistance.

Why can't I see any new jobs in PlacePro?

In order to view current postings in PlacePro, you need to ensure that you job search preferences are set correctly. You can find instructions on how to set your preferences here.

I want to apply to a posting in PlacePro, but I can't click on the "Apply" checkbox. How do I apply to this posting?

You must have a document uploaded to PlacePro in order to click on the "Apply" checkbox. If you do not have a document available in PlacePro, the checkbox will appear grey and cannot be selected by clicking on it.

How do I upload transcripts to PlacePro?

For University of Alberta transcripts, you can login to your Bear Tracks account and download unofficial transcripts to your desktop and then upload them to PlacePro.

I applied to a posting through PlacePro, but the icons in PlacePro have not been updated to indicate that my application has been sent to the company. When will my documents be sent to the employer?

For the majority of postings in PlacePro, these icons will not be updated to indicate your application status. It is very important that you read and follow the specific application instructions provided at the top of each job posting to ensure that your application is received.

Most postings entered into PlacePro include a two-step application process that includes applying through PlacePro as well as directly to the company. For these postings, the first step is for tracking purposes and also allows the Engineering Employment Centre to provide a backup applicant list in the event that applications are lost due to technical errors. The second step is the most important — if you do not follow this step your application will not be received by the company.

Occassionally, employers request that applications be collected by the Engineering Employment Centre and then sent all at once in a packet following the closing date. The instructions for these postings include only one step — applying through PlacePro. For these postings, the icons in PlacePro will be updated once the packet is sent to the employer.